3 Ways Social Media can boost Your Salon Business

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Mia - Best Apps for Hairstylists and Salons

Social media has taken society by storm, and integrated itself into virtually every aspect of life – including business! No longer an optional endeavor, utilizing social media is a necessity for building and growing a client base. While it can be an exceptionally useful tool for salons and stylists, whether you’re independent or part of a bigger entity, knowing the right way to leverage the system can make all the difference – and MIA by SureTint can help!

Mia - Best Apps for Hairstylists and Salons

Social Media for Salons: 3 Ways Social Media can boost Your Salon Business


Do you have an amazing before-and-after shot that you want to show off? Discovered a beautiful new color formula that worked perfectly for a client? Tried a new cutting technique that achieved unparalleled results?

You’ve put in the time to continue your education and develop new skills. Social media is the best place to show off all of that hard work! It’s one thing to talk about how great your work is, but providing a visual reference is the fastest way to capture attention, and get new clients into your chair.


Once you’ve posted your work, you’re privy to a flood of instant feedback through likes and comments. For those who have mastered their craft, this can be an extremely positive tool used to your advantage. New clients want to know they’re in good hands, so the more positive attention your post is receiving, the more inclined a prospect will be to schedule a consultation. Word of mouth travels quickly in the world of social media, and with consistent efforts, you’ll have a better chance of growing your business.

Additionally, you have the opportunity for clients to provide online ratings and feedback by setting up a dedicated business page. Ask satisfied clients to review you on Facebook or like your page. The permanent exposure could help sway more people in your direction.


With the share features in Facebook, it’s never been easier to spread the word quickly about your work, thus increasing your reach virtually overnight. Instead of waiting for word of mouth to spread in the community, you suddenly have access to thousands of people in your own community who can see your photos and view your positive comments before they make a decision to schedule an appointment. The more people who like, comment or share your photos, the more exposure you’ll get – all at no cost to you!

MIA by SureTint is your personal assistant to help manage your color business, but did you know it can also help streamline your social media efforts? It’s no longer necessary to fumble through multiple apps and keep up with photos. MIA not only allows you to reproduce beautiful color accurately, it also allows you to capture and share your creative looks onto your social media pages directly from the app. So you save valuable time that you can spend doing what you love – creating beautiful hair!

With the Mia hair color formula app, you can create inspiring looks, easily share your creations with #itmymia, and collaborate with the Mia community.

Download MIA by SureTint today!