7 Ways Mia by Suretint Technologies supports the independent stylist

Client Profiles

SureTint Technologies changed the game when they developed their app for hairstylists, Mia (short for My Intelligent Assistant). Now, salons and stylists across the nation are realizing the value of the technology – especially those in the independent sector.

“I believe that SureTint Technologies will change the way that salon’s maintain their color records and create their formula’s for the better,” states Terri Adams, Director of Business Development at SureTint, “as well as it will support all of the great color brands that this industry has to offer.”

Managing records, reproducing results and staying connected with valuable clients has never been easier! Here’s seven ways that Mia by SureTint has changed the way independent stylists do business.

    • Reproduce Colors Accurately – Formulas are available from visit-to-visit, and can be easily dispensed with the same precision and accuracy. This helps match tonal results, which is a feature clients love!
    • Dispense Color Efficiently – No more over mixing! Duplicating precise formulas allows most customers to reduce their purchasing by up to 30% annually.
    • Engage with Clients Professionally – Mia’s client profile gives you the opportunity to engage in a thorough consultation, which boosts your credibility.
    • Manage Records Painlessly – Easily pull WTD, MTD, and TYD reports on demand. Mia can also help you manage salon inventory, record profiles and formulas in real time, and monitor technician performance (for salon owners).
    • Promote Looks Socially – Mia is a community where creativity is encouraged! Peruse our gallery for inspiration, or share your own before-and-after results via social media.
    • Positively Impact the Environment – A major benefit of using the Mia app is that you’ll reduce the amount of color you mix, which means less chemical will go down the drain. Because you’ll be using less color, there will be less packaging waste to eliminate as well.
    • Gain Clients – Consumers looking to channel their spending into like-minded green-savvy businesses frequently consult Green Circle’s online green salon directory. Get your salon listed by downloading and using Mia!


Mia by SureTint app for hairstylists can be downloaded through both the Apple App Store, as well as on Google Play. And it offers four different plans to accommodate the needs and budgets of every stylist or salon.